28th Annual Symposium
Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society

31 May - 1 June 2019, Thessaloniki

Physics Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

About The Symposium


  • We are pleased to announce HNPS2019, the 28th Annual Symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society.
    This year, the Symposium is organized by the Departments of Physics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The Symposium will be held at the premises of the Faculty of Sciences on Friday, 31.05.2018 and Saturday, 01.06.2018. The scientific areas include fundamental and applied Nuclear Physics and related fields.
    Specifically, the program is expected to include the most recent theoretical and experimental advances in the field covering the following topics:

    • Nuclear Structure
    • Nuclear Reactions
    • Accelerator Physics & Instrumentation
    • Nuclear Astrophysics
    • Nuclear Physics Applications

    Registration and abstract submission will be handled online. The HNPS2019 official language is English.
    You are kindly requested to inform your colleagues and students about HNPS2019. Contributions by young researchers are strongly encouraged.
    We are looking forward to welcoming you to HNPS2019.

    On behald of the Organizing Committee

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  • The 28th HNPS Annual Symposium will take place in A31 auditorium, which is located in the first floor of the east section of the A.U.Th's Faculty of Sciences main building.

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  • • T. Gaitanos (AUTH)
    • A. Ioannidou (AUTH)
    • Ch. Moustakidis (AUTH)
    • S. Stoulos (AUTH)

  • • Prof. Marina Frontasyeva (Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics, JINR, Dubna, Russia)
    • Dr. Ioannis Giomataris (CEA Saclay, France)
    • Prof. Miodrag Krmar (Novi Sad University, Serbia)
    • Dr. Stefan Typel (Institut für Kernphysik, TU Darmstadt, Germany)

  • The Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society (HNPS) is a non-profit organization, which was established in 1991.
    It is a league of scientists who study fundamental problems related to the nature of matter, such as nuclear reactions and nuclear structure. They are also involved in interdisciplinary studies on nuclear astrophysics and nuclear applications to meet societal needs, including nuclear energy, medical diagnoses and environmental issues.


The 28th HNPS Annual Symposium will take place in A31 auditorium, which is located in the first floor of the east section of the A.U.Th's Faculty of Sciences main building.


Please come early to register!

Session 1 - Chair: I. Stamatelatos - NCSR

Progress in gaseous detectors (invited)

I. Giomataris - CEA

CALIBRA, a national research infrastructure for accelerator-based research and applications: A progress report

S. V. Harissopulos - NCSR

A novel Beam Loss Monitor for the ESS Linac, based on a Micromegas neutron detector

T. Papaevangelou - CEA

The Nuclear Engineering and EMINE Master Programme, at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

E. Charatsidou - KTH

10:25-11:00 COFFEE BREAK

Session 2 - Chair: Stefan Typel - TU Darmstadt

From Nuclei to Stars with a Relativistic Density Functional (invited)

Stefan Typel - TU Darmstadt

First Coherent Elastic ν-Nucleus Scattering (CEvNS) measurements and the potential new physics involved

T. S. Kosmas - UoI

Exploring the astrophysical conditions for the creation of the first r-process peak, and the impact of nuclear physics uncertainties

S. Nikas - GSI

Microscopic description of induced fission dynamics with nuclear energy density functional

V. Prassa - UoT

Proxy-SU(3) predictions

S. Sarantopoulou - NCSR

A mechanism for shape coexistence

A. Martinou - NCSR

12:50-13:30 Session 3 POSTER PRESENTATIONS

13:30-15:00 LUNCH BREAK

Session 4 - Chair: M. Frontasyeva - JINR

State-of-the-art of neutron activation analysis at Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics of JINR, Dubna, Russia (invited)

M. Frontasyeva - JINR

GeoMAREA: A Gamma‐ray spectrometer for in‐situ marine environmental applications

C. Tsabaris - HCMR

Response of Radiation Portal Monitors to gamma radiation & detection capability of Orphan Radioactive Sources in scrap loads

A. Clouvas - AUTH

Elemental Analysis of Sand Samples by Radio-activation

C. Eke - UoAkdeniz

Electret Ion Chambers for Environmental Gamma Monitoring

A. Clouvas - AUTH

The APAPES project at the tandem accelerator facility of "Demokritos": A progress report

E. Benis - UoI

Production of hollow 2s2p 3,1P states in collisions of C4+ (1s2 1S, 1s2s 1,3S) ions with gas targets

A. Laoutaris - UoC

17:00-17:30 COFFEE BREAK

Session 5 - Chair: T. Lagogiannis - NCSR

Neutron induced reactions on Ge isotopes and isomeric cross section study

R. Vlastou - NTUA

Cross-section measurement of 241Am (n, f) reaction at the Experimental Area 2 of the nTOF facility at CERN: First Results

Z. Eleme - UoI

Mass measurements of neutron-deficient lanthanides around the neutron shell closure N=82

M. Lykiardopoulou - UoBritColum

Neutrons capture cross-sections of 74Se in keV energy region using activation methods at a medical linear accelerator

E. Vagena - AUTH

Study of the 165Ho (n, 2n) 164Hog-m reaction at near threshold energies

E. Georgali - UoI

19:00-20:45 HNPS General Assembly (HNPS members only)


Session 6 - Chair: T. Kosmas - UoI

NLD Equation of state for compressed, hot and relativistic nuclear matter

A. Chorozidou - AUTH

Towards the Keplerian sequence: Realistic Equations of state in rapidly rotating neutron stars

P. S. Koliogiannis - AUTH

Dense matter and the effects of the speed of sound bounds on the bulk properties of neutron stars in the Keplerian sequence

Ch. Margaritis

Constraints on neutron stars equation of state using the tidal deformability derived from BNS mergers

A. Kanakis-Pegios - AUTH

Nuclear symmetry energy effects on the bulk properties of neutron rich-finite nuclei

M. Divaris - AUTH

10:15-10:45 COFFEE BREAK

Session 7 - Chair: G. Kitis - AUTH

Radiological Study of Anavalos Submarine Groundwater Discharge at Kiveri, Greece

G. Eleftheriou - HCMR

Studying nanoscale Li diffusion in rutile TiO2 using the β- and α-decay of 8Li with β-NMR and α-radiotracer techniques

A. Chatzichristos - UoBritColum

First results of the Performance of the DIAPHANE Detector in Apollonia’s Tumulus

I. Kalaitzidou - AUTH

An Investigation on Gamma-Ray Shielding Properties of Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses

M. Şekerci - UoSD

Investigation of Photon Attenuation Properties of CR-39 Lens

C. Eke - UoAkdeniz

Dental restoration materials as personal accidental dosimeters

I.K. Sfampa - AUTH

On the possibility of dating calcium sulphate samples: Luminescence and dose rate measurements

L. Malletzidou AUTH

12:30 - 13:30 LIGHT LUNCH

Session 8 - Chair: R. Vlastou - NTUA

MottCalc: A new tool for calculating Mott scattering differential cross sections for analytical purposes

M. Kokkoris - NTUA

PIGE measurements at “Demokritos” TANDEM

T. Lagogiannis - NCSR

Angular Distribution of Elastic Neutron from 19F and 12C Targets

İ. H. Sarpür - UoAkdeniz

Measurement of the Differential Elastic Scattering Cross Sections of 2H on Light Elements, at Energies and Angles Suitable for EBS

E. Ntemou - NTUA

Production Cross–Section Calculations of 62Cu via Charged Particles Induced Reactions

M. Şekerci - UoSD

14:45 - 15:15 COFFEE BREAK

Session 9 - Chair: S. Harissopulos - NCSR


T.J. Mertzimekis - NKUA

Investigating the structure properties of the low–lying states of 140Ba

A. Khaliel - NKUA

HFB Calculations for Nucleon Densities of Nickel Isotopes

Z. S. Turhan Irak - UoIgdir

Study of the neutron induced fission cross-section of 237Np at CERN's n_TOF facility in the MeV region

A. Stamatopoulos - NTUA

Measurement of the 234U(n,f) cross section in the 15-19 MeV energy range

A. Kalamara - NTUA


Event Speakers

Here are some of our speakers

Marina Frontasyeva

Marina Frontasyeva

Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics, JINR

Marina Frontasyeva

Ioannis Giomataris

CEA Saclay, France

Midrag Krmar

Miodrag Krmar

University Novi Sad, Serbia

Stefan Typel

Stefan Typel

TU Darmstadt, Germany


The Organizing Committee advise the participants to book their accommodation as soon as possible at the following hotels.
Moreover, accommodation could be arranged through the Airbnb platform.

ABC Hotel


0.5 km from the Venue

Orestias Kastorias

Orestias Kastorias

1.0 km from the Venue



1.35 km from the Venue

New Metropolis

New Metropolis

1.5 km from the Venue


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